This page contains information and resources about Pennsylvania's Keystone Technology Integrator program.

What are Keystones Technology Integrators?

A Technology Integrator is a classroom teacher who fully utilizes the many benefits technology offers to improve instructional practices across his/her content areas. In doing this, the teacher does not focus on the technology itself; rather, s/he focuses on student learning and uses technology as a tool to support this end.

We are pleased to announce year four of Keystones: Technology Integrators, a program that celebrates model practice teachers throughout Pennsylvania. These teachers bring to the classroom content, motivational and management expertise to capture students' imaginations and harness learning in our children. Over 1700 teachers from across the Commonwealth have been identified as Keystones. These Keystones represent over 300 school districts, non-public schools, and CTC/AVTS. Approximately 100 Keystones attend a five-day Summit each year in August where they engaged in hands-on workshops with topics such as differentiating instruction and teaching in the 21 st Century. Throughout the past year, the Keystones network has grown strong through constant communication, professional development opportunities and a recent grant writing competition. Keystones are featured at the annual Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C). From: PDE Website:

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