Getting to Know, Love and Use your Smart Board

This workshop will help you learn about and explore the many uses of your Smart Board and Smart Notebook 10 software. The session will be devoted to learning, applying and practicing with a Smart Board and Smart Notebook 10 software and designing a lesson with the tools you’ll learn to take back to your classroom. In addition to Smart Notebook, you will be exposed to other resources you can use to enrich your lessons with captivating multimedia and web 2.0 tools.


  1. Introduction
  2. Notebook software tools overview
  3. Gallery: searching, saving, using
  4. More tools: locking, grouping, cloning, coloring, background, resizing, rotating, animations
  5. Smartboard with other applications: Smart tools, ink layer, preferences
  6. Lesson Activity Toolkit
  7. Smarttech's educator resources
  8. Other resources for Multimedia with Smartboard

Smart Board & Notebook Resource

Links below "borrowed" from Jean Thorpe's Wiki: http://mrsthorpewiki.wikispaces.com/Smart+Notebook_Smart+Board

Lesson Activity **Toolkit*

Sample lessons using items from the toolkit:
external image x-zip.png Capitals tiles game.notebook
external image x-zip.png Keyword match Lesson Activyt Tool kit sample.notebook
external image x-zip.png timeline reveal example toolkit.notebook
external image x-zip.png note reveal sample tool kit.notebook
external image x-zip.png Word+guess+game+soccer+international+capitals-1.notebook
external image x-zip.png word match sample .notebook

Smart Notebook Tools


Creative Pen
Enables you to write or draw in digital ink using creative pens

Shape Recognition
Enables you to draw common shapes

Magic Pen
Enables you to open Magnifier or Spotlight

Bridgit Conferencing Software
Enables you to create or join a Bridgit software conference

Opens a Magnification window

Starts SMART Recorder

Screen Shade
Adds a screen shade to the screen

Opens a Spotlight window

Displays a large pointer

Screen Capture Toolbar
Opens the Screen Capture toolbar

Area Capture
Enables you to take a screen capture of an area

Full Screen Capture
Enables you to take a screen capture of a screen

Freehand Capture
Enables you to take a screen capture of a freehand area

SmartTech.com Resources

The Smart Tech site is the perfect place to start you search for ready-to-use SNB lessons. As a member of an accredited institution, you are allowed to download and modify these lessons for use in your classroom.

Additional Resources & Lessons

Some of these will take you to Notebooks that you can download and modify for your classroom; others will take you to sites that have interactive games and activities that can be played on the Smart Board: