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  • What is Moodle?
  • What can be done with Moodle?
  • What are the elements of a Moodle course?
  • How do I create my own Moodle course?
  • How do I add links to websites?
  • How do I upload and add links to Files?
  • How do I add labels?
  • What else can I do?
  • Where do I go to find out how to do more with Moodle?

Introductory Poll

What is Moodle?

What can be done with Moodle?


Task: Explore the Demo Course linked below and be ready to share at least 3 activities that you could use on your Moodle course.

Elements of a Moodle Course

Click to go to WSD Moodle Training Course

Moodle Creation & Editing

  1. Log into the WSD Moodle:
  2. Navigate to your school and course
  3. Find and click the "Turn editing on Button"
  4. Explore the editing options
  5. Add a title to "Topic 0"
  6. Add a title to "Topic 1"
  7. Add a link to "Topic 1"
  8. Add a label to "Topic 1"
  9. Upload and link to a file in "Topic 1"
  10. Explore and add an activity to "Topic 1"