Comments & Feedback
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The following quotes have been taken from feedback forms and evaluations from conference workshops and presentations as well as comments from the teachers I work with at Wissahickon.

"Dianne did an excellent job. She was extremely well prepared and most enthusiastic. Every minute of the workshop was worthwhile."

"Dianne was a great presenter who gave a ton of useful examples of Web 2.0 tools. She was a great speaker! Thank you for all the info!"

"Dianne is very enthusiastic about her topic. I love her open approach-not coming off as the "expert" but as a facilitator who welcomes the insight & experiences of others in attendance. She truly made this a collaborating experience as well as a take-home workshop."

"This workshop was superb. The presenter was engaging, knowledgeable, and well prepared. She offered a wealth of resources and experience. There was also then opportunity to share and discuss with the other participants. The presenter also encouraged participants to share their own experience and expertise."

"Dianne is very knowledgeable and presented the information in a fast-paced yet easy-to-follow manner. Her own digital resources will be very helpful as I mull through what was presented and incorporate it into what I teach."

"A lot of good and useful information. Online resources will be engaging all students within the classroom. Presenter did a fabulous job."

"Dianne Krause’s course was FANTASTIC!!! She incorporated everyone from elementary to high school and kept everyone engaged!!"

"I learned SO much from Dianne Krause last week as she facilitated and presented on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Her agenda was organized and the lessons we learned were those that I can use in my daily work with teachers and schools. The conversations were rich, thought provoking and allowed us all to share K-12 - there was not a minute to waste as we kept learning and learning and she was an expert at differentiating. Not only is Dianne a exceptional teacher, but her drive, intelligence, and enthusiasm is contagious."

"This was a fabulous presentation! Although I don't feel like I know how to use everything, I have an idea of what is possible, which is always the first step. I feel inspired to try new things in my class!!!"

"This presentation was phenomenal!!! I have been interested in learning about more "high tech" educational resources to use and this presentation has gone above and beyond my expectations! Now I just need some time to "play" with all of these great sites!!!"

"Dianne...You did an amazing job. You truly should be commended on all your hard work and dedication to technology. I would love to come and visit you at your school to see how you do all that you do!!! You are a great model for all coaches in the state."

"I loved your class today. I learned more today than I have in the last 4-5 workshops I've taken here or other places. You are a great teacher. I really love your enthusiasm."

"This class was everything I hoped it would be. I learned a great deal and I feel very excited to use everything I learned in the fall with my students."

"Excellent Job!!! You are fabulous at what you do! Always 200% prepared :-)"

"I am amazed at how much information you introduce in one workshop. You are GREAT!!!!"

"I found Dianne's presentation very informative and easy to follow. She gives us skills to use in the classroom the very next day if needed. I feel very inspired by her creativity."

"Dianne's enthusiasm made incorporating technology into lessons an idea you wanted to get behind. She was excellent with trouble shooting and tried to work with you to come up with the most direct solutions to technology problems."

"OMG! This woman is amazing. Whenever you have an issue or a question she provides a one on one tutorial. She has helped me with many technology goals and projects."